Ulloa Elementary School PTA

ulshark2The Ulloa PTA supports the teachers, students and families at Ulloa School in San Francisco’s Sunset District. The PTA helps in raising funds that are used for programs and events throughout the school year that enrich the students’ educations.  The PTA also organizes many special events throughout the school year.


Volunteering and participation

Ulloa PTA invites you to become an involved member in Ulloa PTA community. Whether you have

30 minutes or a couple of hours, your ideas, time and your talents are truly valued. We can match your

availability and interests to fun filled opportunities that benefit our children.



At Ulloa, we only have two fundraising events – Direct Appeal and Walk-a-Thon both of which raised

over $85,000 last year! These fundraisers pay for our Computer and P.E. programs, field

trips, extra academic supplies for all our classes, gardening supplies and pays for various events through

out the school year. Over the years, the PTA has provided learning opportunities and social activities

that may have otherwise been unavailable to our children. Please consider volunteering or participating

in our events; it really does make a difference!


Contact Us

Ulloa Elementary School PTA 2650 42nd Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94116