Family Fun Night 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the outstanding Family Fun Night Event. Heartfelt thanks to our fabulous volunteer team: Mei Thai, Tracy Chan, Raman Khana, Katherine Pham, Ailyn Jung and Elaine Ishida for all their hard work in organizing the event and making it a stupendous success and a memorable evening for our Ulloa families.

Gardening Day 2017

15 volunteers from Williams Sonoma came on Martin Luther King Day to help beautify our gardens! The company also hosted 30 other venues to encourage their employees to participate in a day of action to commemorate Dr. King's work.  Williams Sonoma also purchased $500 worth of plants for our gardens. We are extremely thankful for this collaborative experience!

Blaze Pizza 2016

Thank you to all the families who came out to support the school at the Blaze Pizza Night! 20% of all the proceeds from your meal will go to the Ulloa PTA. Thank you to Amy Iwata for organizing the event.



Book Exchange 2016

Thank you for so many great book donations from our families for our Annual Book Exchange. Our students were so excited to be able to bring home 5-6 new books! We couldn't have done it without our wonderful parent volunteers. Thank you Timea, Amy, Sharon, Winnie, Shannon, Jenny, Vicky, Alisa, Gina and Kathyrn for helping with the event.


Halloween Haunted House and Parade – 2016

A heartfelt thank you to the Haunted House chairs Sarah and Richard!!! 
This incredible event would not have been possible without their dedication, energy, enthusiasm and hard work.
Many thanks to all the amazing parents that volunteered for the Haunted House building, Haunted House shifts and Halloween Parade and making this year's Halloween a smashing success! We truly appreciate your valuable time and the kids had an absolute blast as a result from all your hard work and creativity!! Thank you for making this a fun, festive and memorable day for all our students!

K-1 Potluck

Thanks to all parents and teachers who attended the K-1 potluck extravaganza. The food was amazing and so was the company! 

We had over 25 families participate in the Kindergarten-First grade potluck on Saturday, September 17th 2016. The sun came out to make the day extra special in our perpetually foggy neighborhood and everyone had a gala time!

Ulloa PTA hosts an annual Kindergarten-first grade potluck at the beginning of the school year so the new families can get acquainted with the PTA and other first grade families. This helps the Kindergarten families feel more part of the Ulloa community. This is a great event for new families to meet other Kindergarten and first grade families and share their experiences.

PTA Meeting and Potluck

Thanks to all parents and teachers who attended the first PTA meeting and potluck. We are also grateful for all the yummy food you brought, it was a great party!

The first PTA meeting was held on September 15th 2016. Ms. Ming Wang (Ms. Nancy to our students), our social worker, spoke about growth versus fixed mindset and appropriate language to use with our children to promote a growth mindset.

Sonia Mirza, the PTA President presented the vital statistics for the current year, the events schedule and recognized the remarkable parent volunteers Wanida Bespinyowong and Katy Cheng for their invaluable contributions.

First Day of School Parent Breakfast – 2016

The first day of school parent breakfast was very well attended on August 15th 2016! Parents enjoyed meeting other new Ulloa families and were eager to participate in the PTA activities! 

The PTA invites parents to join us after the morning assembly for coffee and pastries in the school yard on the first day of school.  It is a great opportunity to meet the PTA and mingle with other parents. Younger siblings and extended family are welcome!


Direct Appeal Campaign

Thank you parents and families for your generous contributions!

Ulloa PTA only has two fundraisers each year, Direct Appeal in the beginning of the school year and Walk-a-Thon in the spring. We request that each family donate $300 towards the PTA funds so we can cover the costs for all the fun events hosted by the PTA, provide for academic supplies and pay the salaries for the Physical Education and Computer Lab teachers.

Our goal is to raise $92,600 this year and we have collected $79,734.75 so far for FY 2017; 439 students participated in the fund raiser!